The ribbons

Rolls of flat ribbon in 100% cotton with personalized screen printing. Ideal for clothing labels, packaging and favors.

The ribbons

Rolls of flat ribbon in 100% cotton with personalized screen printing. Ideal for clothing labels, packaging and favors.

- How To Order -

To place an order, send us an email to with the following informations:

  1. ribbon color
  2. print color
  3. text to be written (with relative font), logo or design
  4. belt height

The rolls are 20 meters long and up to 330 labels can be obtained from each roll.

Minimum order: 2 ROLLS (with the same graphics, colors may vary).

Ribbon Color:

Find in the images below the color of the ribbon that you imagine to match your product. Take note of the code, it’s the first piece of information we need!

Disclaimer: each mobile phone screen, computer monitor or tablet unfortunately displays any photograph differently (brightness, shades); the tape could therefore have a slightly different nuance from what you see below.

Print color:

Choose the color of the print to emboss on the ribbon, bearing in mind that only one color can be used per ribbon.

The process is handcrafted, but if you want a particular PANTONE we will try to get as close as possible.

Text, logo or design:

Write us the text to be written on the tape and the typeface (font) to use.

We have selected some fonts that are well suited to printing on tape, you can find them in the next Gallery, but if you need to use a specific one, just provide it to us.

If, on the other hand, you want to print a design or logo, attach the file: good quality and medium / large size. Remember that the print can only be in one color, so Black & White designs and logos are perfect.

The material to be printed must be contained within 40 centimeters in length and then be repeated.

Disclaimer: The typefaces suggested on this site are the property of their authors and are not necessarily freeware, shareware, demo versions or public domain. You are invited to verify that the use you intend to make of any font selected by you does not require a specific license (or that you have purchased it). In any case, Nastro Lab s.n.c. is not responsible for inappropriate use of third party work, including graphics, drawings in general or company logos (for which a release may be required).

15mm or 30mm Cotton Ribbons:

Please note that complex or detailed designs may be less legible when reduced to fit a 15mm tape print.

With these 4 pieces of information we can proceed with the creation of a graphic draft, or a simulation of what your customized tape will be, without obligation to purchase. You will then be able to see more alternatives in practice to choose the best solution without any doubt.

50mm cotton ribbon:

White cotton ribbon 5cm high to be used as a business card or as a gift tag.

On the tape it is possible to have your logo, a brief description, contacts and social connections printed.

Cut the ribbon into strips and deliver it to customers as a business card or make a hole to embellish your packaging.

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