Handmade cotton sachets with personalized ribbon applied. Ideal to use as a wedding favor for events.


Handmade cotton sachets with personalized ribbon applied. Ideal to use as a wedding favor for events.

- How To Order -

To place an order, send us an email to with the following informations:

  1. Bag fabric color
  2. Ribbon color
  3. Print for ribbon and color
  4. What to write on the tag

Bag fabric color:

The sachet can always be made of white, black, beige and gray cotton. However, we always have special fabrics that we can offer you such as stripes (white-blue, white-blue and white-gray), velvet (blue, pink, yellow, teal and black) and floral patterns.

Ribbon Color:

Choose the ribbon color you prefer from our color chart, ask us for advice on combinations, we are here to help you.

The tape can be 15mm or 30mm other.

Print for ribbon and color:

On the ribbon it is possible to print whatever you want! One or more names, logos, symbols, dates, … Attach a photo of a logo you like or simply describe what you have in mind, we will put your ideas on paper.

A piece of advice we can give you is to always focus on simplicity: create a clean ribbon and use that same ribbon to decorate the reception room and all the details of your event (for invitations, to tie cutlery, … ) and if you leave it, remember that it can always come in handy.

What to write on the tag:

Now that the bag is created, only the tag is missing.

The tag is the perforated cardboard that will be applied on the sachet’s bow. Essential information must be written on the tag. Report the child’s name / spouses / … and date of the event, add a logo or pattern as a background.

By ordering extra rolls you can enrich and decorate the guest table and turn them into labels for the kits.

They are available in 2 modes:

Closed Bonbonniere:

Packaged with personalized ribbon, matching cardboard tags and filled with wadding, already complete and ready to be delivered.

Opened Bonbonniere:

Packaged with only the personalized ribbon already sewn to the bag, to be completed and customized at will.

Minimum order: 20 pieces

It is possible to complete the bag by adding the personalized mask equal to the bag.

L-Bag as a favor:

An original idea but also useful: a wedding favor that will not disappoint the guests.

Use our L-Bags as wedding favor for your ceremony!

Choose the colors and create the label to apply: with the baby’s name, the names of the spouses, a logo dear to you … the possibilities are endless!

The L-Bag can then be used by each guest in everyday life and become an object that will begin to be part of the life of those who receive it.

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